10 reasons why Mr.Narendra Modi is India’s choice!

Narendra Modi,the name which tops all the opinion polls in Indian media,the name which trends almost everyday in indian twitter,the name which has become a ‘hope’ for Indians!

How?how an ordinary ‘chai wala’ has become the first choice for PM to most of the indians,how he strikes the right chord in india’s common to rich people’s hearts!

Here are 10 most attractive and different things about him:

1.Dreaming is the first step towards making your dreams come true!
-lets take an example,
There’s one poor guy who dreams to own an iphone or a BMW kind of stuff,he goes to 2 different people to take some advice and support!

First person advices him don’t dream about such expensive things you can’t afford,go home and just earn your bread,its enough for you!

The boy becomes sad,near to cry and goes to the other guy!

The second person tells him not to leave hope,his every dream can be achieved one day,moreover he gives him his own example how he achieved his dreams!

This brings a ray of hope in the eyes of that poor guy back,he liked whatever the second person told him,actually he loved him and hated that 1st adviser!

What Narendra Modi does,is the same what our second person did!He shows us dreams,he shows us the ways to achieve them,he is not a depressive personality,he himself is a great example for the same!

Yes,dream it,if you want to achieve it:-)

2. He talks equality!

I have heard so many speeches by him,he has always spoken for the equality!
When he speaks,he starts by ‘5 crore gujaratis or My brothers and sisters or Friends!
I do know that his image has been of a ‘non-secular’ politician,but I have never heard him giving any inflammatory or non-secular speeches,whatever this image is,it looks like some political parties have made it just to ‘have’ something to malign his image amongst the indian people!

He knows that well,and he is trying to show his secular side!He has been successful,too in doing this.

3.He does some real hardwork!

Ask him how much he sleeps,he will tell you four hours!

Wait,four hours?how?a person who is the CM of a state,future PM candidate of this country,who travels all the day for his rallies,gives hours long speeches,who has all the worries a CM should be having,moreover whose mind is active to the limit all the day…sleeps just 4 hours a day!

Thats a lot of hardwork,

And hardwork pays well!

We all know how it has paid to him!

4.He talks development!

Yes,this is the thing for what he is being loved by indians.
He looks forward for the development of this “developing”country!

Every politician does this,whats new??

Yes,everyone does,but he has shown how to do it!

Let take an example he has set-

Gujarat-imagine the gujarat of the year 2000 and look at the gujarat of 2013,many of you may not be able to compare as some of you didn’t visit it in 2000 and some may haven’t visited it in recent years!
But I can and I can see the difference so clear,in the past,everyday electricity had 1-2 hour supply-cut,now its the rarest thing to experience unless there’s some fault or some maintanance work’s happening,its a power surplus state of india!

It has the highest GDP rate in india!

It has the biggest solar park of Asia!

It produces the highest amount of solar energy in India!

It has achieved agricultural revolution…

Alot can be written about its development,but lets not get in depth,as we may forget the main topic of this article!

5.He is a leader!

Well,this is the problem what India has faced since years,not having a strong leader-like Rajeev Gandhi,Atal Bihari Vajpayee,Indira Gandhi..

The current PM of India lacks the leadership qualities,he is a great economist,but not a great leader!

Leader unites a group of people,leads them,takes some real strong decisions,he does some hardwork and inspires others to do some!

Narendra Modi is a perfect example of a good leader,he talks like that,he walks like that;-)

6.He is an example in his ownself!

By now,every indian knows that he was a ‘chai wala’-a tea vendor and he doesn’t feel ashamed of it!

From a tea vendor to a future PM candidate of the largest democracy of the world!

Inspiring journey,isn’t it??:-)

7.He knows politics,really well!

Politics-its a word that describes India’s history,even Lord Krishna did that,and did that quite well!

Narendra Modi is a great politician,too…not a bad thing to be,hmm??

8.He is a king of social media in India!

Almost everyday he trends on Twitter-sometimes as #NaMo,sometimes as #Modi!
He is quick here,creates buzz,responds fast,takes care of youth-mentality,does everything that can attract social media-users,especially youth,hence he has the highest number of followers on twitter,on facebook amongst all the politicians!

Thanks to his IT team,that does an excellent job!

9.He knows what to speak and where!

He will speak about science and technology,business,development when giving speech to college students,he speaks about basic needs in tribal areas,he speaks about better facilities and roads and health care in rural areas and speaks about better universities,airports,industries,public transport,electricity in urbans!

That requires a great amount of homework,and he does that!

10.Last and the most important..

He has got a good sarcasm!!

Listen to him hours and hours,he never sounds boring,why?He keeps that smile on your face constantly!

Great fan following for him has this excellent sense of humour in roots.

He says ‘i spoke with our PM on this matter’-takes a pause…listeners start laughing like hell,knowing the fact that our PM doesn’t speak much-this video is still popular on youtube,watch it once and you will realise why he has got such a great fan following!

It is yet to see what elections of 2014 have got for him,will he become India’s PM or not,how he proves to be a good PM or fails to do so,but one thing is for sure,he has proven himself as an excellent CM,a perfect Leader,a great Achiever and an awesome and one of the most loved Personalities of India!


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A doctor with a great interest in writing:-)
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6 Responses to 10 reasons why Mr.Narendra Modi is India’s choice!

  1. annetbell says:

    I am a big Mr. Modi fan after living in Ahmedabad for 4 months at the beginning of the year! GO to my blog and type in Modi and you can see my posts. Love Leadership Counts! Namaste. . .

    • drpratik13 says:

      Thanks annetbell!
      This was my first attempt at writing a blog.
      Yes,i will read your blogs!
      I am also a big fan of Mr.Narendra Modi:-)

      • annetbell says:

        Well, I am so glad I found you. I didn’t think that I had met you ! Go to the reader under WordPress. ON the right there is room to type in categories. TYpe Modi and you will get the current posts…usually many, on the blog. If that isn’t clear I will try to explain how to do it. Also use categories and tags on your blog before posting! Great first blog!

  2. Dixit says:

    Well said pratik … I m also Modi Fan …😊

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